Business Plan Basics

There are two main reasons for developing YOUR business plan. The most COMMON is to provide a lender with detailed information on all aspects of your current or proposed business so they can determine whether you are a viable candidate for a loan. The most IMPORTANT is to develop a guide to be used throughout the lifetime of your business. It is your road map to success.

Visit the following web sites as you prepare to write your business plan.

The Small Business Administration:
The "Starting Your Business" section offers what it describes as a business plan tutorial and self-paced activity. The SBA site is generally rich in content and in links to other useful entrepreneurial resources.

There is also a comprehensive Business Plan that can be viewed and downloaded at the Small Business Administration by clicking on the following link. Business Plan Outline
Very comprehensive site offering a variety of topics and suggestions.

Online Women's Business Center:
SBA-sponsored site offers a walk-through discussion of many aspects of the entrepreneurial decision-making process, from self-assessment guides to start-up checklists and business plan discussions.

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