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Admission Guidelines

Entrepreneurs interested in locating their business in the Syracuse Technology Garden must:

  • Fill out an application form (download word doc or PDF)
  • Provide a written business plan
  • Have some form of business organization (not an individual)
  • Offer a high-tech product or service that can be commercialized

Evaluation Criteria
The Admissions Committee review of each application includes, but is not limited to, answering the following questions:

  • Is the applicant a potential "Net Wealth Generator"?
  • Is there potential for significant annual revenue growth and job creation?
  • Is there a market for applicant's product/service beyond Central New York (CNY)?
  • Have applicant principals demonstrated personal investment/commitment beyond "sweat equity"?
  • Does the applicant intend to stay in the CNY region?
  • Can the applicant benefit from services offered by the Syracuse Technology Garden?
  • Is the applicant committed to regularly meet with and update Garden management?
  • Have applicant's principal owners passed credit and reference checks?
  • Will applicant's on-site operations be environmentally sound and non-hazardous

Client Graduation Criteria
Syracuse Technology Garden clients are eligible for graduation if they:

  • Achieve $2 million in annual revenues
  • Employ 20 full time employees
  • Are acquired by another company
  • Conduct an Initial Public Offering
  • Raise an investment round of $2 million or more from venture capital or other investment sources

Clients may be asked to leave the Technology Garden if they:

  • Have spent three years at the facility without meeting graduation objectives
  • Have violated the terms and conditions of their lease or other Garden policies
  • Are delinquent in payment of rent

Any of the above requirements and conditions can be waived based at the discretion of the Admissions Committee and/or Garden management.

235 Harrison Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

T: (315) 474-0910
F: (315) 474-0915